Advice To A New Mother


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  • Been off here for a long time. It is good to back among like minded, for the most part, people!

Advice To A New Mother

Take your child unto your breast.
Let her suckle, let her nest.
Enjoy her softness, her purity,
For soon, my friend, she is gone from thee.

Spoil her rotten while you can.
Kiss her soundly, then again.
Reap rewards from her smile,
For she'll be gone in just awhile.

See the world through her new eyes.
Gently love away her sighs.
Listen nightly to her every prayer,
For one day her voice will not be there.

So soon she'll flee from your nest,
And wean herself from mother's breast.
So soon she'll go to make  her brood a home,
And leave you standing there quite alone.
So, dear friend, take delight
While you can, day and night.
Enjoy each moment while you can;
You will never get it back again.

She will go too soon upon her way,
And nevermore will you watch her play.
You will turn around one day too soon,
And there will be just an empty room.

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MootPoint commented on Advice To A New Mother


I rejoice that she is out in the world. She is a woman and no longer a girl. Life leads in a splendid way. You have to accept that today is her day. Nice write by the way. ---Oh, I can't stop rhyming. :)



Ty for commenting.

ginga commented on Advice To A New Mother


ahhh Judy this is a fleeting moment you write about. Savor it all as time escapes us. ginga



for sure!

TinaD commented on Advice To A New Mother


Isn't it just amazing how fast it all does go. But they are such delights as adults too! Nice write.



ty for ur kind comments

rsalassi commented on Advice To A New Mother


There is a calming tone to this advice to a mother that's reassuring. Thanks for not going shrill. Excellent write.



Thank you for your comment.

devaamido commented on Advice To A New Mother


I like the calm, matter-of-fact poignance of this maternal advice that so clearly applies to all of us who have children & is perhaps the most frequent type of parental regret.




Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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