But it can and it does


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    • LeeLee420xx
    • I am strong Because I have been Weak I Am Beautiful Because I Know My Flaws,I Am Afraid because I have Been Fearless, I Can be a Fool because I Know The Meaning Of Being Wise. I am me and I am awsome!

    But it can and it does

    Born into confusion, no one knows what's going on.

    But through everything she still stands strong.

    Against the pain and against the hurt.

    Lord, could it really get any worse?

    But it can and it does.

    She finds herself with no one.

    No one to love her no one to care.

    But believe it or not she pulls herself from there.

    "Enough is enough" she says to herself. "If I want this life I have to take it for myself."

    And she does,with many dead ends and many broken hearts.

    This life is tearing her apart.

    She is lost and at her end,

    Feeling like she has lost her only friend.

    I can't believe it and I don't know why but she gives it another try.

    Pulls herself up one more time.

    Where she found the strength i will never know.

    But here she is ready to go,

    going to try again.

    Puts her best face on and dives right in.

    Sink or swim this is the end,

    this is the message she tries to send.

    Love me or hate me i am still here.

    Want me or leave me i am still here.

    There is nothing you can do that will make me change my gears.

    This is my life i will do what please .

    Even if to you it seems to be obscene.

    And she does do what ever she pleases,

    With no real reason.

    Drifting from here to there,

    and finds that here and there just leads her no where..

    Yet still she persists she just won't give up.

    I gotta give that to her if nothing else.

    And years go by and life goes on.

    She finds herself in a peculiar place.

    Staring down at this tiny little face.

    Of this sweet innocent in her arms.

    She knows she has to fix things and keep this treasure safe from harm.

    She does her best sometimes wins sometimes she falls.

    But all in all she's got this down.

    She impressed me she really did,

    I thought life would have her in the end.

    But she persevered she pulls through.

    Now here she sits, reminding you of you.

    With love all around her,

    And in her heart.

    There is nothing that can tear her apart.

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    Poemeater commented on But it can and it does


    I love this one. This is one of toughness and longsuffering, of good character in a person.



    thank you

    Rhymer commented on But it can and it does


    What an excellent write of perseverance and determination 10 from me.



    thank you , :)

    Maleficent commented on But it can and it does


    very interesting... yes indeed......................................




    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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