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    • I am strong Because I have been Weak I Am Beautiful Because I Know My Flaws,I Am Afraid because I have Been Fearless, I Can be a Fool because I Know The Meaning Of Being Wise. I am me and I am awsome!

    Is it ?

    Some time life seems so hard

    the distances look too far

    for us to walk alone

    but i believe that in hearts this is where we must live

    for a while

    to find out who we really are

    no one can tell you

    no one can say that you are supose to be a sirtan way

    no one knows

    and if they think they do

    you’d be best to keep them away from you

    trust your self and if your doubting

    you should take a secound

    look because there is a reason

    maybe you know your wrong and you just can’t help it

    maybe you fell it’s the right thing to do

    but only you know

    don’t let let people hold you down

    speak your words and make them loud

    don’t give up the fight till the fight is won

    and if you lose

    know that your not the only one

    some one has been where

    we all stand right now

    we are not the first

    not the alone in the crowd

    so know that we all stand together

    weather we know it or not

    life is what we make it

    so shit or give back the pot

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    ccslim commented on Is it ?


    Good content!



    i'm glad you think so , thx

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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