Of not being alive...
Such a phobia I uphold
With a dark sadness that floodens me,
such a thought that makes me shiver.

Of not feeling...
Of my heart dying out,
Its verses finally ceasing
and my words having no meaning.

To see the end...
Of my complete inspiration,
To no longer have a reason...
A reason to live.

A shift in inspiration...
A shift in my entire life,
To not be able to see tonight
to not be able to feel the light.

To finally feel the change,
A drastic change in my life...
To finally feel the change,
A fear of not being able to write...

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wheelsal commented on Fear


One of the greatest fears is putting the pen in your hands and writing. Not sure it goes away completely but at least you found it again. Nice job.



i agree with this comment...what a gift it is to be able put that pen in your hands. fear is good but it also cripples...i think you will find that happy medium and continue to grow and write great poems like this one. very nice, than you.

bandit1192 commented on Fear


I know this feeling. I quit writing for a long time because I didn't think anyone cared about my poetry. When I joined OP.com I was shocked to find people actually liked what I wrote. I realized how much I'd missed writing. With this site, you'll find your words do have meaning. Good poem. TS

NoLeafOfClover commented on Fear


Nice and dark, thats what I like. Its seems to me that holding on to something is dangerous. When its gone that certain gift or feeling, or whatever we're lost forever. Thats what I took from your poem. Thank you.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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