If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


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    If I Visit Jesus Face To Face

    If I had one day to spend with my Savior
    it would be heaven to me,
    just to look upon thee.
    I'd look at his face I'd stare in his eyes.
    The feeling I'd have couldn't be denied.
    I would imagine I see power and strength all in one.
    I'd see the beginning and the end and how it all begun.
    I'd hold to him like a magnet.
    Knowing only he can perform a miracle like magic.
    All of his loving kindness I couldn't forget.
    Here is the King of Glory I've just met.
    I'd imagine as soon as I touched him I'd feel a release in my soul.
    I'd want to tell him somethings I've never told.
    Everything inside that has ever hurt or made me sad,
    a moment with Jesus would all be made glad.
    Sadness and disappointment would all disappear
    as long as I am with my Savior and he is so near,
    it's words from him I'd only want to hear.
    The first question I'd ask is why, why, so long Lord?
    I'd long to see your face I didn't want to wait.
    I had so many things I wanted to say.
    It's in your presence I'd always want to stay.
    A moment with him would brighten my day.
    While I was on earth Lord, you were all I had.
    I am excited just to be here with you.
    Joy would over flood my soul.
    You're more precious to me than all the silver and gold.
    To be with my Savior the person I've always wanted to know,
    his presence would be spiritual awakening to my soul.
    While on the throne I'd want to hold his feet.
    Remembering how he kept me in times
    when I couldn't keep myself.
    Times he was there when I had no one else.
    I'd tell him I love him and thank him for my parents too.
    Thank him for all I know he can do.
    I'd thank for allowing me to ever be.
    Seeing my Savior would be glory to me.
    I'd imagine he'd say" daughter you don't have to explain all of your
    life I've had you in the palm of my hands,
    You are the reason I died.
    From the time you were a child I knew you'd serve me.
    This is why I've given you this opportunity
    to have this moment in glory with me.
    I'll send you back now to the earth to witness for me.
    This is why I called you to the Ministry.
    Tell my people I came to set the captive free.
    My only plan is that every soul is saved.
    Tell them I forgive them for how they behave".
    I thank God for his mercy and his grace.
    If only I could visit Jesus face to face!

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    Clementinewoods commented on If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


    This is a lovely poem!!! I could only imagine what I would say or do if I saw Jesus right now face-to-face. Knowing me, I'd probably be buck-eyed and speechless from being so overwhelmed. It would probably take a minute, but I would probably finally muscle up enough strength to hug Him and say, "Jesus I love you with all my heart and I thank you so much for saving me," before breaking down in tears. Thanks for sharing such a great poem and be blessed!!! I’d also like to invite you to share in my work. Your sister in Christ, Clementine.

    ccslim commented on If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


    The mirror casts a reflection of you standing strong and true, and if what you see is despised, always know he is looking through your eyes and he loves what he sees same as you as with me!

    mrsbsy commented on If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


    kind of long but well written

    Blackheath1 commented on If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


    That was really deep. And I needed that

    lizard760 commented on If I Visit Jesus Face To Face


    amazing this rendered me speachless

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