Negro Woman


  • Epic

    Negro Woman

    All my life I have pleased you white man, black man, all men.
    I have titillated you both in and out of your arms.
    I am your obsession from the first moment your eyes fall upon me.
    I am the NEGRO WOMAN.

    Being a negro woman, I am and have been ostracized by those who fear me and know not enough about me. By those who know that I am ambiguous and an original.
    An original negro woman.

    Let me spell out my meaning and all that I am about. So you can know and understand me, and in your mind have no doubts. About me.
    A negro woman.

    By nature, I am a queen, you Royal Highness, the N of the negro woman: NOBILITY. That's why you bring forth such epithet to me because you are afraid of the respect that my existence commands.
    It is for you to respect me; first for being a queen, then for being a strong woman. The geniousness of the negro woman.

    The E of the negro woman is EPITOME because i am everything you want to be. I can labor in your fields all day, clean your house, take your beatings, and still have strength enough to take care of my own house, nurture and love my man. At my worst I still do my best. My, my. The strength of the negro woman.

    Wheny ou are in my presence, you lust after my voluptuous body. You become engorged watching my hips sway, twist, turn, and curve. My breast bounces to my rhythnic walk. You understand that GRANDILOQUENCE is the G of the negro woman. Notice how I titivate myselfand how my queue's are designed. The style of a negro woman.

    You can't help being in awe of me. REVERENCE, the negro woman's R. You realize that the fruit of my loins will be robust children; leaders. Of their own kind and of others. You know I am versatile. I will reach my nirvana, and there willbe nothing that will stop me. The determination of the negro woman.

    When I die, let my epitaph proclaim the truth. That I suffered not from acrophobia, for I strived to obtain the highest. That I am genuine. There were none like me before I came here and there will be non like me when I am gone. Speak of my nectar; how my sweet taste of my body and spirit lingers in your soul. I am OBSTINATE, the O of the negro woman.

    When you yearn for strength, tendrness, style, and gratifying stisfaction, remember that those things can't be provided from better than a woman.

    A Negro Woman.

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    cmlestrade commented on Negro Woman


    Wonderful written with truth and eloquence. each word was a tribute to the many woman who have done it all.

    phatdaddee commented on Negro Woman


    Dammitt dammitt dammitt!! Truer words have never been spoken and the backbone of our race that has never been broken! I tasted that and I let it marinate on my tongue before it was allowed to bathe my tastebuds in its glory!

    aggieprof commented on Negro Woman


    Neat. I love taking words and making them bend to our will. Your use of what can be a controversial word and making it say your message is awsome.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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