Ode to be Thyne Wife


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    Ode to be Thyne Wife

    Ode to taken thou hand for such a joyous day , come what tidings ring during that month and day, as thou hast flet things to be in such an awesome way , glad tidings doeth not always head to come yer way, for even thou such things were in dissarray , people come and go and always know what twine be of today , to take thou hand each and every day to be so passionate of that moment on such a day, to let one know that thou fully has embarked to awesome sites above, let one hasten away to thou every need to fully please as yet a gentle dove, reach out to forgo all thyne troubles wisked away , Ode to be Thyne Wife and let thyne own passion find its place in time, yet to feel your heart when its beating can maketh one feel ever so grand, to take thou hand was in its valor beating thou sun all around, since henceforth thou beauty take in and feeleth thou love come abound, to be able to unwind as yet only one can partake and henceforth do, Dwindle not to yea so kind as to feel ones foreboding , for yea thou art more than any pile of clothing , yet yea are more of yet ones own spindle that can be yea undone in time , tarry not yea loving being of beauty so devine, Ode to be Thyne Wife indeed one fully is lucky to be trusted thou impart, to be thou yea hast said thou art thyne and fully taken ones hand, so do not dart about yea head in a steam , but harken not and ease away to express of thou each and everyday , Ode to be Thyne Wife and let one be here for thou, thus doeth so empart to be a true love yet gently swept away, for henceforth thyne moment to seek and always pray , for God doeth please in such a day that when thou seekest to say , be yea only a truelove to find ones wanderings and windings along thou a merry day , Ode to be Thyne Wife and say to yea have yet thou thyne to be and shurley say yea be a blossoming flower with one for all eternity! Cc@ 10:56p.m. on the 12th of February 2009 , written in full by aka - "Crusher" - This poem and all its contents are written in full to poetic justice, and are only to be used as such , any persons wanting to use such any of the above listed poem must please contact the author for further use of writ , or have permission to use such for any further publication -- thank you !!

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    Beetle726 commented on Ode to be Thyne Wife


    Very well done! reminds me of days long ago. You keep the flow throughout, not an easy task. Takes me back to days of knighthood and chivalry.

    bitchywitch commented on Ode to be Thyne Wife


    wow...you were either born too late..or are a very old and evolved soul. You make this look so easy but it has to take ALOT of discipline & patience to not only speak this way but to THINK it.. cool..very cool

    cottonluv commented on Ode to be Thyne Wife


    nice work crusher

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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