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A curvacious, luscious goddess, mother, singer, & poet who is passionate about life and what it has to offer. My words are poignant, profound, and vivacious. They tell a story, paint a picture, make you reconsider your life. They express, love, grief, anger, passion, erotica, fantasy, and even spirituality.

I have discovered in my life people will either love you or hate you, there is no in between. Deal with it. They just hate themselves because they're not you!!

Liquid Reflections will officially be released October 10, 2009!!! Get your copy now at!!

Official Site is now up!!

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Listen to my Radio appearances on myspace blog!! then go to my blog posts!!

Thanks so much!


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(░) `O. ¸¸. ✲. ¸. o´¯`¸. o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸.✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。`O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。 ¨¯`*✲.... ¸. o´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄ SPLAT**The start of Snowball Fight 2010! Lady Bri, just in case you've no snow out west! Happy Holidays! Bear

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I'm fine. Go back to school next week! Had a great break though. Yourself?



Yeah, i know that one Im in school trying to get into Respiratory Care program while being an author,lol. gott have backup plan ya know? How's your book doing? you working on anything new?



The book is fine. Im in the proccess of finishing up my 2nd one now(a novel). So When I get time, I work on it more. Im looking to publish with Publish America this time. I emailed them and spoke with them. Other then that, ready for another semester. Last semester ended with a 3.47 GPA. Started strong,want to end even better. I know you will do just fine in your choices with school.

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Hey wassup girl?? How are things?

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Hey lady, It is almost 6 a.m. but I must take out the time to give thanks for your comments and the time you took out for reading. I'm sorry it took so long to drop by with the thanks but I've been a tad bit busy working on a poetry related project...I hope you will keep reading. Thanks again...take care.

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Thanks for the love on my post. I replies..God bless u! -Lady P.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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Easter Lily 1
My Cup Overfloweth 1
Life Before You 3
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