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  • Age: 63
  • Location: Bethany, Ok
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: US
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When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

MJG956’s Poems (90)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Moon Lipped,Love. 0
Words Can,Or May,Even Hurt. 3
Ill Imaged Deceit And Mistrust. 1
That Gargantuan Space Spider, Part Two. 0
That Gargantuan Space Spider, Part One. 1
No Gulf Balls Are Flying Here! 5
Aged Beauty Upon The Lonely,Unstea
dy Shore.
A Bird,So High And Mighty. 2
She Killed Her Husband,Bad! 1
Goblins In The Night! 2
I Have Just Been,Rudely,M
Times Of Olden Bold. 1
Frosty The Snowman Bit The Dust,At Last. 1
The Bravest,Have Fallen-Free. 1
The Raven,That Raven,Evil Be. 0
Thy Lady Fare,Was Stalked By A Dragon,Over There. 0
Rantings Of The Serious Kinds. 2
You Need To Open Up! 1
A Beautiful,Lov
ing Bride!
A Cock Robbiny Sunny Summery Day. 1
A Cube-a Good Time Chased By A Polar Eclipse. 0
A City's Wintery Spells,Of Icey Outer Shells. 0
A Faucet Run A'mock. 0
.traeH sdrawkcaB ehT fO rorriM 0
Cleopatra And Her Asp! 0
Horace And Morace And Slimmity Sam. 0
Johnny Cat,That Talking Cat. 0
The Man On The Moon,Lost His Tangy. 0
Crickets In The Corn Meal,Motel. 1
Cranberry Asparagus. 0
The Invisible Man-Part One. 0
The Invisable Man-Part Two. 0
The Ravenous Frog,That Bit,My Dog. 0
A Desolated Event,In Hell. 0
Perfumed Love Of Boucheron,On. 0
Sanctity Of Life. 0
Sad Bag Lady,Named Sadie. 0
Even Archaeologist Deserve Respect And Dignity. 0
Daytime Madness. 0
I once knew a clam named two faced Sam... 1
Your Sweet Kiss,Rests On My Window,Sill-o
Toad Rage. 0
Unicorns Land On pots Of Gold. 0
Terrorist's! 1
The Muse Music's Mandolin Strummer. 0
e,Or William-Do-Te
The Hispanic,That Sank,While Aboard,The Tragic,"Titan
George Of The Jungle,Rode A Wooley Mammoth. 0
Phantom Of The Hoppera. 0
Grandpa Got Hit By Grandma's Shot Gun. 0
Jesus Could Have Drank Dr. Pepper...... 0
The Spaghetti Eatin' Yetti. 0
Win That Wind-some War Of Eighteen-Twel
Where's That Cat? 0
A Dream Within A Dream Lit Stream. 0
Abstract City. 0
911,Was Meant To Stun! 0
Skaters Sent Screeching. 0
Commode On Over,Rover. 0
A Bug Buddie's Lunch. 0
A Mother's Love! 0
Upon The Cross! 0
Santa's Big Surprise Visit! 0
A Giant Horny Horse Fly,That Just Did Not Care. 0
Tequila Murder Surprise! 0
Moon Lit Bell Towers. 0
The Woman In The Short-Shorts.
( A Very Funny Story!)
Chess. 0
Cosmical Journeys,To Regret And Forget. 0
God Rows This Boat,Of That,I'm Sure. 0
pping,At My Tree.
How Had Thy Love,Escaped These Lips? 0
Another Child,Dies In The Heat,Unattend
g,At My Door.
A Broken Heart! 0
"Here's Looking At You,Kid." 0
Charles In Charge? 0
This Tear,Which Moved,Sad Still. 1
Alone At Last? 1
Sadness Swims About Until The Sea Of Love,Beaches Close To Thy Shore. 0
A Rose Pressed Between Our Pages. 1
What If God Treated Us Just Like The Piss Ants,We Really Appeared To Him,To Be? 1
The Words Of Woe. 0
Flowers Bloom,Like Fresh Springing Love. 1
What Be This Twisted Dream? 0
Simon Cowell,Threw In The Towel? 0
Cat Scratch Fever,With Pin,In Hand. 1