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  • Age: 85
  • Location: Calhoun Falls, SC
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
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Omowale is the organist and Minister and Music for Beulah Land Christian Center where she has been a member and missionary for 36 years. She supports neighborhood and community events by freely offering her services to organizations and centers in her area. Omowale is a multifaceted and multitalented woman who loves to write prose and poetry as well as play gospel and jazz keyboard. You can see her many sides when you view her web sites at,,,,,,,, and

Omowale considers it her duty to bring “Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness” to the world via the Internet, and her biggest challenge is having enough time and capital to do it. She has written several books and poems, including but not limited to, A Taste of Africa, Expect A Miracle, A Lack of Knowledge, Ebony Man, Aisha, Tenisha, The Naked Truth, I Sing Because I’m Happy and Gigolo. Currently, she is the founder of Omowale Enterprises, Omowale Printing and Publishing Company and Omowale's Herb Garden and is a member of the Detroit Writers Journal, directed by Dr. Mary McGill, editor and publisher of a picto-historical biography of Detroit and its beginnings and A Book of Letters to the President Barack Obama. Her companies are now in their 33rd year, and increasing in value due to the Internet and her uncanny ability to create artistic and imaginative advertisements and web pages for fun and profit.

You can visit Omowale’s Herb Garden, a coffee, pastry, print and copy shop at Joy’s Corner in historic Abbeville County, South Carolina. Visit Omowale, whose motto is “Up ye mighty race, you can accomplish what you will,” shares her birthday with Marcus Garvey and has been a member of the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) for decades. She has settled in the southern part of the country with her educator husband and is continuing her struggle for the liberation of all people by spreading peace, joy and love to people and the land whenever she can. "Love really makes the world go 'round," she says.


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