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Mr. Hoppe currently calls Alamogordo, New Mexico his home, but he was born in the Philippines. He currently resides in Southern Maryland.

Mr. Hoppe was born to a military family and has lived and studied in Guam, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Okinawa, Hong Kong, and Spain) just to mention.

He has been engaged in art since the age of seven, but began studying art full force when he was living in Western Europe. Mr. Hoppe studied art history in England, art restoration in France, fresco painting in Florence, Vatican City, and Assisi, and sculpture in Carrara.

He has been asked to show his artistic work at various locations from local coffee shops to the University of Maryland to Federal Agencies, to Capitol Hill.

His murals grace the walls of private residences and has donated his time in painting academic murals for community service, the most recent being at Kimball in 2004 and two murals in Orr Elementary Schools in Southeast DC each elementary school he was only given one day to finish the murals. In 2007, for Hands On DC and the Beautifications of the DC schools, “The Halls of Heros” was finished with 10 murals 8 foot by 5.5 feet that were installed in the cafeteria of Randolph Elementary School in Washington DC. It was finished in August 2007.

His writing may only surpass his art…

Mr. Hoppe is published in several poetry anthologies.

He has conducted poetry readings from the coffee shops to the university lecture circuit.

His awards for his literature are various.

He holds 15 international poetry titles.

He was the winner of the 1997 Emily Dickinson Award

Received the Editors Choice Award by International Poetry Society from 1998 to 2003

He was nominated as to Poet of the Year 1997 to 2004

Last year his work was selected to be included as Who's Who among International Poets.

His first book of poetry Tears, Spirit, and Heart was published last year, and is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and iuniverse.com

His current book, Christina’s Rose of a Tear this book was debuted and released for the first time in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Early August 2005. This book is inspired by 40 poems that he wrote in one day, inspired by the woman to whom the book is dedicated too.

Hispanic College Fund has named a fellowship after Christopher John Hoppe to help Hispanic Artists in High school to get a good foundation in World Art History, Mural work, Frescos, and the understanding of Materials for art to improve the Hispanic communities artists Nationally. Mr. Hoppe has dedicated his live in helping other writers and artists throughout the world by developing projects to help others that need a opportunity to get one more step closer to their dreams in life.

Mr. Hoppe also speaks at various Hispanic Heritage Month ceremonies sharing how the artistic and literary work of Hispanic Americans have conveyed their political, sociological, and cultural views to all Americans; thereby strengthening the fabric of American life.


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Hey, thanks for being my 500th friend:)

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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