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  • Age: 40
  • Location: Tiffin, OH
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My life has had its ups and downs. I feel compelled to write about not only my own experience but also of those near and dear to my heart as well. I am happily married to father of my beautiful child. I have an amazing family and wonderful life. I am an STNA, and am very passionate about my job. My favorite thing to do outside of work is to write, not only poetry but also Fictional based stories, and what would be songs(IF only I could figure out how to write a melody to go with them). I'd like to think that I am good at writing because I am so passionate about what I write. For the longest time I couldn't share my poetry with anyone because I was very self conscience about what others would think, I have however overcome that fear for at least 7 years now. I have poetry on Poetry.com and have had a few of my poems published in their anthologies. Writing use to be my life now it has become more of a hobby. I want to publish a book of poetry and finish some of the stories that I have been writing but I never seem to find the time with family and work.


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The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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My Mothers day Poem 0
Set Me Free 0
Life and Fear 0
I Hold On 1
Freedom 0
Facing the Past 1
First Love Strikes Again 1
Give it to me Straight 0
A Thought of Love 0
What it Takes 1
Why am I 0
My love 1
Some One to Dance 0
The Game 1
Love is War 0
Anger 0
Symbol of love 0
Child of Love 0
Imprisonment 0
Rome 0
Alone 0
In my heart 0
Dreaming 1
Never Forever 0
Nothing at all 0
Life 0
Vanity 0