"In Silence"


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    "In Silence"

    I look to tomorrow with only one eye,
    For today or tomorrow it could be goodbye.

    I know deep inside how strongly I feel,It's not a delusion,it's always been real.

    Tears from the past have left you with pain,
    Speaking the words,"Never Again."

    It makes my heart sad that the others have won,
    And ruined what could be,now that our time has come.

    You were in my heart then and I still feel the same,
    No matter what I do ,
    Although there were others that filled in the space,it's really always been you .

    Is there something I can say ? Something I can do ?
    I would give up every yesterday for one tomorrow with you .

    Although I cant say that you would, feel the same. If you could
    open your heart you would see,
    The one thing I am sure you would know , that my heart is a safe place to be.

    I give you this gift of my heart, my heart and my devotion,
    Don't let accepting it bare the marks of an old and lost emotion.

    You may be rejecting something infinitely real by enslaving your heart to the past,
    My gift is strong and steadfast,A gift I know will last.

    It has always been yours, I have been keeping it in silence for you ,
    Now that it's been given I wonder what you'll do .

    So with no push and with no shove,I'll wait to hear your song,
    And in my wait ,I wont give up for I've waited for so long.

    If by chance you cannot care; and it's pain of heart that I must bare,You will still be mine...as you have always been,
    And I will keep you in silence in my heart...Again.

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    bandit1192 commented on "In Silence"


    I'm with standing bear, the line "I would give up every yesterday for one tomorrow with you" jumped out at me. I enjoyed this very much. TS

    optimistic commented on "In Silence"


    The thought given to display yesterday for a tommorow with you is something you would say very well written. I gave thoughts to your poem are so real to the reader it felt like in ways you were speaking to me yet I've let go. At the end you gave me a chance to finish love where it was left off very well written.

    IAMLIKEU commented on "In Silence"


    Very originally wrought and heartfully written. I sensed your heartache to love and be loved. That is what life is about and you have captured it in this poem.

    dahlusion commented on "In Silence"


    This is one of the most beautiful prose pieces I have read in awhile. Simply lovely!

    beautifuldeath commented on "In Silence"


    this was amazing. beautifully done. 10 from me

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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