"Tracings Of Infinity"


"Tracings Of Infinity"

New tracings of Infinity come unannounced, so clear-to bend the mind, to refashion it, and bless it anew. The eyes close, while the other awakens to take me where I must be for a little while.
Other worlds draw near, and then are gone. Music flows in me, thru’ me, carrying me onward to my destination. A voice sings softly, so softly, drawing me within its vibration. It spirals, widening surrounding me with its incredible warmth and calm. Ah, I see…It’s a resting place, a womb-sacred, infinite, all embracing, all consuming. This Cenacle of my beginnings and endings is beyond the telling. I see my beginnings and endings merging blending together, their ebb and flow are lights of the rainbow-dancing, mingling, rising-sometimes softly, sometimes intensely; yet, the pulse is constant.
A hand takes mine and brings me forth, from the cenacle. It points ahead of me. The voice whispers,” Listen.” I see two people looking toward me. Their eyes are portals thru’ which they insist I pass. As I move closer, the two are gone, and I stand beyond the portals. A new voice says,” Look downward.”
I look downward. I see mountains rising, ocean water carving their shores close to the edge of the land masses. I see countless stars spinning high above the misty veil that envelopes the Earth becoming.
Oh yes! I have stood thus before. The sound of thunder reverberates, answered by the piercing crack of lightening. The spinning orb of Earth slows, assuming its designated path. Above, sister sun appears. Below, the brother Moon waits.
The voice speaks,” Even greater wonders than this you will see. There is no end to the,”seeing”, if you so desire.
The sound of rushing waters brings me to a lonely beach. The last rays of sunlight fade quickly; followed by a rising Moon. The gentle press of wave around my ankles guides my steps along the sands. Some distance away, she waits. As I approach her, she smiles, and whispers,” Is it not glorious to stand before time and witness the beginning? Home? We have things to do this night.
“Where are we going? What is it we must do?” I ask. She offers a hint of laughter as she answers,” Come, you’ll see, little sister.”
Again, the spiraling begins. I feel myself returning. Slowly, the portals close, but the music, and her soft laughter remain with me. Her presence is an Aura in her absence; and, yet they are one-in-the-same.
May the great light of the Trinity; fill you to overflowing with healing and quiet joy…Dancingfire

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Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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