Take me to the Top


  • Angst

    Take me to the Top

    Take me to the top
    high tops and hard knots
    flip whips and hard knocks
    stacks in the shoe box
    glock in the glove box
    diamonds in my watch
    watching my life dissappear like tick tock
    six feet under end up in a wooden box
    food for worms , snakes and the other what nots
    cant seem to escape from the land of the have nots
    system only comfortable with me caged up in a box
    so my son will grow up always looking for his pops
    aint one around so he look up to the picture box
    I am replaced by images of thugs, gangstas and what nots
    mind of a nigga, a considerable fort knox
    cant get past the bullshit and ignorance master lock,
    only concerned with methods of how he gettin it in
    doin whatever it takes to stack up my dividends
    sellin my soul so I can push a broken down Benz
    Alien in this land , society treat me like foreign
    anytime a complaint is stated , just say im bitchin
    and thats exactly why I put all my work in the kitchen
    turn nothing into something , who's getting paid then?
    Its me...
    supposedly free
    Mind wrapped twice around the past
    a future I cant even see
    I look up to you lord , is this my destiny?
    Do I really have control over the unseen?
    Cant see the stars no more , So I copped some shiny bling
    dont wanna hear the world no more , So I turn up the beat
    shit aint safe no more, So I cop myself some heat
    I am a walking zombie, I feel dead in my feet
    on my way to school , prostitutes cross the street
    cars drive past and I hear horns beep beep
    dope boy at the car wash , stands low as if the police wont see
    Heavy in my heart , on the verge of blasphemy
    Where are you God, my damn feet are weary and weak
    you supposed to pick me up when I feel that buckle in my knees
    Promised my girlfriend the world and I ask myself honestly
    how long the world gonna be around? I guess Ill have to wait and see
    live the fast life slow it down with the green
    misty red eyes so I cant even see
    all the pain , lies , hurt and misery
    feel for you world I give my heart to thee
    starting to understand why you sacrificed J.C.
    just wish everyone else could see
    from where I stand , from the bottom looking up
    aint got much , but I know I aint stuck
    refuse to be the fly on the wall, I am more than just a bug
    dont have to infect society like the rest of the thugs
    clothe myself in God's love ,
    and look to the heavens above
    stare my girl in the eyes and hopefully she knows
    your man is trying baby , no other place to go
    my seed gone be raised here so I must try before I go
    to preach my seeds of hope to you world
    and pray that they grow
    I wonder if they ever will , only time can show

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    MizBoonie commented on Take me to the Top


    I love this poem, Im so into rhyme, and the rhyme scheme that you used here was incredible, it calls for real talnt. This is beautiful work.

    TeenaMontana commented on Take me to the Top


    I feel u 100%.This was a very,very good read. I have some of the same issues...think I will work on the female perspective to this.Thanks for the inspiration

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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