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    No one ever said that being a Christian was easy or that after excepting Christ as savior it would all become fun and breezy.
    Although I MUST share with you my testimony, and how from sin's grip God has saved me.
    Poverty stricken, drug and alcohol addicted, every kind of abuse their is I have been a victim!
    "Woe is me" I always had to say; Anxiety, depression, and fits of rage - I lived my entire every day life this way. I always had some one else to blame my problems on, it was always someone else's fault that things went wrong!
    And the "why me" blues, I sang them all the time; "no job, no car, no place to live, good God what am I going to feed my kids...yes we have been homeless. Sadly, all this only scratches the surface.
    One fine day my God asked me quietly enough, "Are you tired of life being so tough"? "Come to me all who are weary".
    By no means when I knelt down to pray were all of my problems fixed that day. I still have my issues no different than any of you.
    But I am truly beginning to realize that one by one, these problems, strongholds for the enemy to keep me a sinner if only by worry alone; when I wholeheartedly let go of them and let God, He will and has Nailed them to the cross.
    Every day, little by little, I am finding Victory in Jesus!
    I will continue to seek his face on earth until I can worship at his feet in Heaven; Holiness unto the Lord;
    I am only 1 example of the accuracy in the scripture...In Christ all things are made new.

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    Kalonji commented on Testify


    great poem, there's no other like God. Life aint easy but by knowing and believing in the most high evryting will be fine.

    Rhymer commented on Testify


    A striking testimonial to your belief. being a christian in this life only provides you someone to talk to and request things from. Bad things will continue to happen to the just and unjust the same. Your reward comes after this life is over.



    Thank you, God bless

    1990lh commented on Testify


    beautiful poem real and yeah i relate to this life has never been easy but wheni start to ask why me i remember what some one told me instead of asking why me ask why not me. i havent seen the lowest of the low in this world but somewhere somebody has so i remember that and find peace in my faith. excellent right.



    Thank you. I praise Him for many many reasons, one being where he braught me from... God bless

    gregster commented on Testify


    hey why u use my word...."breezy".....lol.....i like that poem a lot/////read his pain our salvation on my list i beg.......stay breezy



    God Bless

    Artie commented on Testify


    The light is best seen on the darkest night. 10 from me



    Thank you, God Bless!

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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