That ....FEELING.


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    That ....FEELING.

    Pain hits you hard.
    Not like a "chill" as people say.
    But when it happens, you don't think about it then.
    You'll never know how it feels, until
    you DO feel it.
    The feeling of disappointing, angering, and(/or)
    troubling others,
    wishing you had all the time in the world,
    when you wasted all of yours.

    tears are not "pretty",
    a thing to just "include" in
    your so called "creativity", or "creative things" - like
    poems,stories, and ALL that.

    are things filled with hurt
    unbearable pain,
    of the like.

    its amazing,
    when forgiveness,
    comes so unexpectedly,
    when you're brimming with desolation--
    no, something MUCH, MUCH worse.
    someting you'd WISH you'd
    never feel
    in this lifetime,
    if given a choice,
    i feel, and suppose,
    that 99.9% of all people
    would choose to be ignorant of that pain,
    to AVOID that pain.
    That horrible experience.
    That 0.1% ,
    that person, i think,
    might not even exist ,
    in this world,
    unless that person,
    chose to live with it,
    because they wanted to learn from it,
    which is amazing,
    but also because,
    God(.:[ :] )

    Sometimes tears don't help at all, because the source of the pain, regret, disgust, unhappiness, EVERYTHING, still flows and moves ON. -Bonnie

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    arfin09 commented on That ....FEELING.


    good for you! I like it. the flow is wonderful and you even had a point that you didn't leave to guesswork! suggestion from personal view: lose the quote marks as they distract and tend to get monotonous. the reader will allow you to steal those words or phrases, and I believe they are safely in the public domaine. write more soon!



    thank you for the feedback (: i'll try to write more soon as i am currently having writer's block

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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