The Perfect Melody


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    The Perfect Melody

    Heat is growing in my lungs, and fire in my heart
    This burning is a sensation I have never felt before,
    The intensity of these few lyrics sends electricity through my spine, and wonder to my brain,
    The perfect blend of octaves gives the lyrics more meaning than ever before, for this entire selection I am mystified by the erotic song that pours like an oasis into my soul,
    never have I truly understood the beauty behind the harmonic tune of these lyrics I Love You,
    these lyrics have been around for years, but the battle of sex placed a falsification on them turning them into a lust filled phrase that becomes routine just to manipulate situations,
    however none of this dampens the lyrics history when sung in your presence,
    the sweetness that drips from my lips when I sing in a soprano tone I Love You,
    these lyrics make me long for a lifetime of blank music sheets, that will daily be written on, in order to add to our Perfect Melody.

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    bforibus commented on The Perfect Melody


    indeed a very gud poem. must pl on here are losing sight of the song poetry sings. im glad no friend of mines have. keep doin it ma

    Mochalatte211 commented on The Perfect Melody


    WOW this is beautiful. Well described and visual. Thank you for sharing you vision of writing. You are truly blessed.

    PoeticMind commented on The Perfect Melody


    I like your choice of wording... it makes your writing more meaningful in depth

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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