The times we live in


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I have spent 2009 watching the news, and reading history.

The times we live in

The rumble is distant, miscontent low
Apathy reigns, so on with the show
Insider deals, fundraising meals
Hidden agendas, back room deals.

Slowly the insults to freedom come on
Bending the rights to fit a new song
Taking the laborers pay and reward
To give to the laggard who demands only more

Billions for bailouts, a trillion for healthcare
All of these programs, buearacracies make
A government worker, now on the take
A "reliable" union voter, a power base to create.

Take over the banks, the car makers too
Control executive pay , sales bonuses too
Demand it all back  with a 95% tax
"communtiy orginizer" thugs, on the attack.

[national ownership of banks, manufacturing and lending institutions? Is this Venezula under Chavez or Cuba under Castro? No, America 2009 under Barrack Hussein Obama]

Discontent rising among those who're aware
Of the government takeover, taking more than their share
Dismissed as tead baggers, birthers and cranks
Slowly the middle fills in their ranks

Label them threats, and call them crass names
marginalize their questions, dismiss their claims
Use media friends to lead the attack
Never, ever answer, and always strike back.

[Labeld terrorists for joining certain groups, and threats against the government. China under Mao? America under Barrack Hussein Obama as related in the DHS memo on "right wing radicals]

ACORN rising during the campaign
Fraudlent voter registrations can reign
Help hooks and pimps to evade laws and rules
Get caught on tape, and lose funding too.

But in step their buddies, the ACLU
And its off to the courthouse and TV review
Somewhere in the Constitution, the judges do find
A right for their funding, the money-yours and mine.

A Supreme Court appointment, a justice for life
Goes to a racist, just not to a white
Who blievies courts write laws, and not the Congress
That empathy is key, and "social wrongs" be addressed.

["A wise Latina woman will rule better than a white man." A spokesman for La Raza? No, Justic Soto Mayor, appointed to the US supreme court by Barrack Hussein Obama]

Next they propse media control, subsidized news
Diversity, fairness, net nutrality, a bite each anew
Control of the news, the flow of information
Just leave us alone to run/ruin this nation

The pests have the airwaves, popular support
Fox News, AM radio, bloggs talkers and books
Attack their credibility, reputations and advertisers
Stop the dissent, get on board with "The One"

["we always controlled the media message, that is why we were successful". Herr Goebels, Germany 1933? No, media advisor to the campaign to elect Barrack Hussein Obama]

Start with the youth, promis of the future
Take over the schools and popular culture
Indoctrinate their minds, while they are little
And they'll follow "the path", like a herd of cattle

They sing his praises and pledge their assitance
Led by their teachers, at their insistance
Youth volunteers, national serve done
A corp of recruits for the "beloved chosen one"

[North Korean children singing to the beloved leader? No, New Jersey schoolchildren singing the praises of Barrack Hussein Obama at a school program. Orgaiozed youth groups? Nazi Youth, Germany 1933? Noi, Americorps, USA, 2009]

Take over the economy, with false hobgoblins
Make a fortune on the side, trading in carbon
Don't let things like the facts, get in the way
We have to control things, send Al Gore on the way.

[The missing data doesn't invalidate the conclusions? Discussion of Eugenics in the 1930's? No, Global warming, 2009]

In years gone by, freedom was the goal
To throw off kings and yokes, they took a stand
Not for personal gain, or political power,
Yet they pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor

Will todays generation take a stand, even at a cost
Not of blood treasure, or life or limb lost
But give up the safety net of government support
Anmd say enough is enough when they cast their vote

Or is it too late, the weasels too entrenched
That the patriot must stand, and fight the wretch
Put it all on the line, and the end of a knife
And cry give me my liberty, or take my life.

The history of freedom is short, naught but 200 years
And men are ruled not by priciples, but cower in fear
The watches and wanders, what will it be
Barrack Obama's Socialism, Or Patrick Henry's Liberty.

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