Up The King's Highway


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    Up The King's Highway


    I once was lost,

    Had gone astray;

    Then Jesus came,

    To lead me the right way.


    He said trust me child,

    I’ll make everything alright;

    Just follow me,

    To the path that’s right.


    He said I know you were lost.

    But now you’re found;

    Just travel the King’s Highway,

    And you’re be heaven bound.


    This road is not crowded,

    It’s traveled only by a few;

    And anyone who is lost,

    Is welcome to travel it too.


    And together we can travel,

    Up the King’s Highway,

    So that we can enter,

    God’s Kingdom someday.

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    Lolee commented on Up The King's Highway


    Oh, my dear Clementine, This is so true. What our Savior did for us...turning to the gentiles! Thank You Jesus! Today is the day of Salvation! Wonderful poem.



    Thank you Lolee for your visit and comments. Be blessed!!!

    Chaos128 commented on Up The King's Highway


    After wading through what seems like a poetic ocean of depression, dejection, despondency and despair, I know I can always drop by your page and get an uplifting message. It’s deeply appreciated. Top marks!



    Thank you so much for such a nice comment. I'm very pleased that you are uplifted by my work. God be the Glory. Be forever blessed!!!

    cmlestrade commented on Up The King's Highway


    Oh Clementine you are so blessed to be able to create such inspirational poetry. This is beautiful and no matter how many times I read the truth this message is always welcome. Be blessed.



    I normally write what I'm led to write, by the unction of the Holy Spirit; because of this, I feel that there is always going to be someone somewhere who will be touched and uplifted by it. Whenever this happens, it truly delights me and I willingly give God all the Glory, Honor and Praise, because it is all because of Him. Thank you so much for your visit and pleasing comments. May God bless you and yours now and always; your sister in Christ, Clementine!!!

    SpiritSong commented on Up The King's Highway


    This is wonderful Clementine..I esp. love this part.. This road is not crowded, It’s traveled only by a few; And anyone who is lost, Is welcome to travel it too. Sounds like The Highway of holiness to me...Only the pure in heart may travel there a beloved? In Him(following)all things are indeed pure....and aren't we so very glad a sis? ... Love this !..Great work beloved!



    Oh yes, SpiritSong, even though that road that leads to life is narrow, there is still plenty of room for all who are willing to travel it. Thank you very much for your wonderful comments and be forever blessed!!!

    Merlyn commented on Up The King's Highway


    Very sweet and innocent. You get it all said so everyone can easily understand it. Good job!



    The more people who understand, the more I’ll be able to reach. The more I’m able to reach, the more who will become closer to God. Thanks for your comments and be blessed!!!

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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