Why do I care about you so much?


  • mjanderson14
  • is happy that I talked to a close friend this week

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The reason I wrote this poem was because I was so excited and happy to talk to another one of my best friends, Dustin Garris, last night. I felt like he was very excited to speak to me and that made me very happy and I felt like we appreciate each other's friendship. We are making plans for New Year's Eve and I'm very glad that I spend with one of my closest friends. Dustin is like a brother to me and I feel that our friendship is growing strong, day by day.

Why do I care about you so much?

Why do I care about you so much?
Is it the way you make me laugh or the warmth in your touch?
When I see you, I get excited
Happy, thankful that we're finally reunited. 
I feel so great after we talked for a while
Now I feel our friendship can take the long mile
Into a trinity, my love for you lasts for infinity
My heart will go on
As if I know our friendship is strong.
Of course we belong, together, forever
We have this beautiful world to endeavor
So don't say today, our friendship is never
I need your hand within mine to pull the lever
Of eternal love
As precious as a white dove
If you give me your heart 
It will put us above
All the anger, frustration.
The heartache, the humiliation.
So come on, take my hand
I'm here for you to take this demand
Promise me that we'll be friends
Because of our journey, I hated it to end
I say it once and I'll say it again
Give my hand
Take a stand 
And that's all to do.
And care about me like I care about you.

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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