A Humble Husband


  • Love

    A Humble Husband

    Love, I haven't gone anywhere.
    I want to console you -
    not to be a snare.
    I want to share in cheers
    or wipe your tears,
    especially from the grasp
    of the passing last year.
    I don't half care,
    I'm just better at writing it.
    It's like I cannot
    even get into showing excitement.
    I want to blurt out
    my feelings,
    but they're confined to
    "I love you".
    I have to tell you things,
    but I try to say it
    when I hug you.
    And when I touch you,
    I trust you hear all
    my thoughts.
    When we're having a disagreement
    I know you feel
    my nerves shot with nots.
    But still mind my manners,
    because I don't want
    to fly off in a tantrum.
    I'd rather state my apologies
    in my head
    as I think of random -
    low blows and nonsense.
    My love has a conscious
    that says to protect you,
    even when you taunt it.

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    DennisScott commented on A Humble Husband


    A 6.8 that must be the result of some haters. I like it so I will put a 10 on it so you can get closer to what it deserves.

    NayInLove commented on A Humble Husband


    O my! this was a great poem. I think it is one of my favorites on here keep it up

    Iamadreamr commented on A Humble Husband


    Drama can be very deep

    Paradice21 commented on A Humble Husband


    So How you drawl the line and set limits? When should you speak and when should you say it better just to be quite? Curiously wondering.

    Paradice21 commented on A Humble Husband


    not just on a piece of paper but to that individual as well. Because they just might think you Man don't care when you hold it in. But form a standpoint it can backfire on you because sometimes when you express how you truly feel others prey upon you

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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