Living for One...


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    Living for One...

    I want to help everybody,
    but I've got issues.
    And I'm careful about ladies
    getting too close to my igloo.
    I'm married, saved -
    its hard having a lady friend.
    So I help where I can,
    but I can't let a lady in.
    The men - yeah, maybe them,
    but jealousy is prevalent.
    Some look at me all wrong,
    and think that I'm negligent -
    with my wife and daughter.
    Yes, I know
    there are many veterans,
    but if I turn my back
    will they start flashing cheddar in
    my love's face?
    Will they try to chase my name
    with debasing statements,
    because they lamely think
    my lane is vacant?
    Few people travel this road
    I'm unraveling.
    Often times I wonder,
    when will the battle end?
    Or am I in the war
    to see much more
    than myself playing the rebel
    to settle a few scores?
    A lot of fallen soldiers,
    and I'm strong enough
    to pull some.
    But the heat is on,
    and I may be able
    to only pull one.

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    NNYMom commented on Living for One...


    I loved the poem. You seem to know what your issues are, just need to express them in words. War, soldiers and battles seem to mean something-go with what feels right. I liked it very much.

    Johnstradamus commented on Living for One...


    sounds like you have some unanswered questions that ur writing about. do you travel for work or something like that. if so i have a similar dilemma. i enjoyed the poem. kind of stirred a few issues of my own.

    sweetcottontop commented on Living for One...


    very nicely put, alot of others feel the same I'm

    sanguine1968 commented on Living for One...


    I could say the same way too about my gentlemen friends (jha, ha, ha..) so I know where you're coming from. ..nice poem!

    writerspassion commented on Living for One...


    Great work, I know right where your coming from.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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