from the root....


  • Lost Love

    from the root....

    I Love. Hard. The only way I know how. I've been hurt, rejected, dismissed. But I still love, hard. I know no other way. I plant my seeds of love in fertile ground. Something beautiful sprouts out of the warmth and light that is created. It grows to something i knew it could be. But, my love has been destroyed, from the root. It has been dug up out of its resting place. Where I once thought it would never be disturbed, it no longer finds comfort. The light, the warmth, gone. The pain, the sorrow, have destroyed and overtaken what was once a great thing.

    But, still, I love. Hard. Its the only way I know how. I've been hurt, rejected, dismissed. Yet, for the comfort and warmth provided by that glorious glow, that comforting and sustaining warmth. It keeps me searching. For the new ground which will provide my love with what it needs. For i now realize that when it comes to that beautiful thing which i had, nothing is greater.

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    carollynn1964 commented on from the root....





    thank you.

    alejapoet commented on from the root....


    We both are Cancers and i have been where you have been. I wonder how would it be if two Cancers got together. I feel that when you write you're able to release so many thoughts-feelings and emotions in your poetry. This makes it a wonderful read and pleasure to partake in what you share to us all. Remember when people want to add you as a friend they will not even look at your work so be careful.



    it really means something to me that my poem had an effect on you. it is definitely from the heart and it means something when someone is touched where I intended for them to be touched.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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