I touched a dream....


  • Erotic

    I touched a dream....

    I remember the night I touched a dream, when my fantasies became realities
    It was when we gave in to each other, gave our bodies to one another’s desires
    I approached the room to find you there on the bed. Wanting. Waiting. Longing for me.
    I approach you to open the present. No. you stop me. You want me to feel the sensations of your lips. Warm. All over me. My neck. My chest. Your hands act in unison with the movements of your lips.
    You grasp me. My manhood. In your hands, slowly, gently stroking, arousing, exciting.
    Your lips take over. Hot. Moist. Bringing me to heights of pleasure. I grab your head and dictate your motions.
    Your tongue exploring every inch of me, top to bottom. I become overwhelmed. Can’t take it.
    With all my passion, I throw you on the bed, to take over. I own your body. I make it mine. My mouth becomes my guide.
    Your sounds show me you approve. I take my tongue to your center. To your other lips, to send you there.
    Lick it. Suck it. Put your tongue inside me. Faster, Slower. Your commands I am obligated to fulfill. You let out a mind blowing scream, as you reach your point of ecstasy.
    Not done yet. I must feel you. Be inside you. Feel your hot, wet nectar all over me.
    I grab you. Turn you over. Trying to contain myself from erupting with anticipation of you. Your sex, your love, your desire.
    Spread your legs. Further. Yes, you feel it too. I rub your back as I go deeply inside you. Slow at first.
    I want to take my time and enjoy being inside you. Feeling it. You tightening on me. Your juices flowing. The faster I go, the more you scream.
    I run my hands all over your back. Pull you up by your hair, to taste your lips. Your sensuality sends me to unknown places. We go for an eternity it seems with you.
    Enough. I can’t hold back anymore. Lay your head down, but stay on your knees. I want to show you what you do to me.
    My full force in you. Over and over again. In and out. With every inch of erotic pleasure.
    Grabbing your hips, holding on for my climax. Screaming. You moan. I groan. You holler. I shout.
    Yes. Here it comes. My love, my passion, my furious sexuality. For you. Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Deeper. I explode inside you. Don’t run from it. Take it inside you. You want it, you love it. You desire it. We both know we touched a dream.

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    joshuapelham commented on I touched a dream....


    wow. this is a very good, detailed poem. you really painted a picture for my eyes to see. i enjoyed reading it



    thank you. i appreciate the compliment.

    bludolphinz commented on I touched a dream....


    All I can say is, WOW!!!! This is hot!!!!!!



    i'm glad you were moved by it. i hoped the imagery would paint an accurate picture. thank you.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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