Galaxy of Love


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  • Missing U all And Hoping Your New Years off To A Great Start!!

Galaxy of Love

I find myself wandering to remote places

Thoughts of you dart freely throughout my head!

I love you and need you but more than that

My heart longs for every bit of you

So I get ready for takeoff to our Final destination

Allowing you to be the Astronaut

We buckle up on this journey

And I lean back so you can enjoy the ride!


To the moon, stars and infinity and beyond you go

A profound sensation begins to run throughout my Body                                                                       

And I start to go num

It feels so Good I’m at a loss for words

All I can do is grasp you tightly

And if there’s such things as aliens

Who could read our minds

They would hear me silently screaming

Give me more and more!


As we are moving up and down and back and forth

Floating on this journey through outer space

I feel as if I am in heaven

And it’s as if I’ve come

Face to face with the sun!

My body is inflamed

And my vision becomes real blurry

I do not know how much longer I can last!


Sweat runs down our bodies

We are at the peak of total fulfillment

And I can see that

This is another mission

You’ve proven to accomplish

It is always an astonishing adventure

Voyaging with you to a place where only lovers go

Sharing their lust, passion and all their greatest desires

Far and Far into the Galaxy of love!!  


Copyright© 2009

Aka Paradice

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eddie14 commented on Galaxy of Love


wow Ive been on that jouney many many times I could relate you have awesome way of eploring wordss to bring to that climax know as the O word wonderful writing

SILKYTWEED commented on Galaxy of Love


Magnificent Write....full of beautiful imagery....well done....very impressive....I like your style (smile)....definitely an affinity...hmmm....Thanks for sharing!

Vincent commented on Galaxy of Love


My Paradice, you out did yourself on this write, I think it is the best one I have I have read so far, you all ways amaze me, smiles your friend Vincent



I will always have your back whether you may want me to or not!! Thanks for all your support as ‎well and the Love! I have known you on here now for about a year and I feel so Blessed and Lucky ‎for that even though we are far apart!! I always hope you are doing well and wish for you the best ‎my Friend Because you are Special to me!!‎

Smileey11 commented on Galaxy of Love


Wow! I loved it! It is sensual and classy at the same time. I just read it again. lol



Thanks so much Smileey11 for the love..... I am not always feeling this way but However I do love love and All that it has to offer! The word truly does need more of it!! Much love to you and Happy Holidays as well if I do not get a Chance to tell U! Write whatever is in your heart and on your mind at the time and you can never go wrong!!

cmlestrade commented on Galaxy of Love


I tried to rate this poem and wasn't able to do so. however I give it a ten.



Thanks. Lots of love to you to! Will be coming to read more of your work!I love it and think you are very talented writer!!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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