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    This letter

    You see I’m sitting here writing this letter

    With nothing on

    And I don’t know quite where

    I should begin

    Minds wandering nonstop as

     I sit in front of this paper

    In the chair with my favorite pen

    Thinkin bout you and how much you mean

    I think about you more and more everyday

    Every night I make love to you in my dreams

    Thinkin if you were right here in front of me right now

    What I would do and say

    And though were miles apart

     I still hope that you ok.


    And I guess you probably know this by now

    But I will still say it again to you

    If you were right here with me at this moment

    I can only imagine all the kinky things we could do!

    When I step out the shower

    I’d rub down my body with some oil

    And put on some lingerie I’m sure you like

    Then I’d stand in front of you and play with myself

    That making love to me is what you’d want to do

    You won’t even think about it twice!!

    I’d take my fingers and run them

    All over your skin

    As you lick me all over my body

    With your tongue over and over again

    And just when you can’t take any more

    I will pull out your gun

    You came aim it I pull back the trigger

     And make sure that you cum!

    And I am sure by know as you read this letter

     I’ve got you going and your dick is so darn hard

    And you’re thinking dog gone it

     I wish you didn’t live that far!

    Well don’t worry one day soon

    We will be together

    But for now I guess

    You have to just settle for this letter!!



    Aka Paradice





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    iLuvPoetryJACOB commented on This letter


    who ever you're writing this letter to will be packing their things and on a plane to see you lol. nice poem, and good choice of words.

    sexybronze commented on This letter


    OMG that poem is hot and deep Paradice. u got skill sweety, i never had the courage 2 express myself like that. u give me courage 2 take a chance and c what happenz.

    LIFECHANGES commented on This letter


    I like the play on erotisizm...It takes the reader to wherever thier minds take them. Well written and alluring! Enjoyed very much.

    LEAKINGPEN commented on This letter


    Reading this letter makes me want to write a poem in response to what happens in this one. Like a remix from the guy side...what do you think about that? I promise to make it very interesting!!!!!!!!



    I will be waiting for that one! Let me know when It up and I will try getting Back to it within A couple of days!

    Mrpoetry commented on This letter


    great sexy poem you sure have a way with words and I am sure your man is very happy with you

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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