It’s Okay to Smile


It’s Okay to Smile

Can you see that star up there?

I wished on it last night…

It’s a bit silly, I am aware,

But it was an urge I couldn’t fight.

At the moment it just felt right,

Can you feel anything at all?

Look at you, wound so tight…

You’ll surely shatter if you fall.

How are you even still alive,

Living in the fear and darkness?

Someday your time will arrive,

Trust there is satisfaction in happiness.

You see this smile on my face?

I remember to put it on every day.

I could never survive this place,

If I couldn’t smile this way.

Life will be, what you make it to be.

So if you feel trapped by the misery,

Well then I guess it would seem…

It’s time to get out and live your dream!

Imagine all of the possibilities,

That lay just beyond that door…

The past is just a collection of memories,

Not meant for you to dwell on anymore.

I wish I could promise you tomorrow,

Man…I really wish I could…

But time is something we can’t borrow,

So we need to live today as we should.

You still look so sad,

Drowning there in your puddle of tears…

Life couldn’t have kicked you that bad,

Think harder, and remember the good years!

Ha, ha! See? You cracked a smile,

Now pull up a chair, we’ll reminisce awhile.



--Amanda Wakefield

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slimgoodwoody commented on It’s Okay to Smile


Good poem! I like the rhythm and the pace it carried your sentiment from beginning to end! Great!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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