My Mother Died Yesterday


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    My Mother Died Yesterday

    My mother died yesterday, of what I have no clue

    But today I still live my normal life what else is there to do?

    That morning she seemed fine to me, I wonder what went wrong

    What made her jump off that roof as she screamed “Good-bye; so long…!”

    Splat was the sound she made as she hit that very floor,

    But I asked myself, why she couldn’t have told us more?

    What was her reason, her need to escape, were we not truly miracles in her life, or was it the pressure of, being a stay at home mom, house wife.

    Mom oh mom tell me why, tell me why you had to die.

    Days go by and she died again; my heart didn’t even have a chance to mend

    So this time I ask her why did she die; she looks at me vacantly as if it’s lie; like
    time after time she’s really still alive.

    So this time when I see she’s going to die; I try really hard to open my eyes

    For it is not her who’s killing her now its starting seem, it is truly me--

    Who kills my mom; every so often in a dream.

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    ccslim commented on My Mother Died Yesterday


    A real good write! The plot rolls through grand with minor hiccups by unneeded words here and there and a mix of present and past tense. This has potential growth if it is what you seek!



    thank you. much appreciated.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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