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In my other life I was wildlife research biologist in Russia.20 years in US. Came here alone,with 3 bags of luggage and 3 sons (15, 8 and 6). Build new life from scratch. Sons grow up. All graduate from colleges. Have 5 grandchildren .

I am writing poems since I learn how to write. But doing it in new language is kind of challenge. This website is a wonderful place to be. Thank you to people who create it and to all my poet- friends. It is real delight to read and discuss poetry here


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As I close my eyes my spirit sighs For a well worn time that has passed me by Now the credits roll and the twilight groans For a man and his code Down that lonesome road Still I see him there In each new sunrise May he live in me And the children’s smiles." This poem is a flawless tribute to someone the poet admires. Its strong nostalgic overtone is well emphasized by the word. "Memories" as a sort of leitmotiv. The images are familiar photographed as it were, and as they are, by an appropriate choice of diction that conveys the mood of the poem very well. The talent of the poet is exposed in this succinct poetic biography and tribute, The title, "Down That Lonesome Road " resounds throughout the entire poem reinforcing the emotion.

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It is very nice to meet you,I too have 2 books on ...1st--LYRICS........2nd--DARK....I will go order a book from a fellow poet.Thank you for writing me,and good luck on your sales as well... Always Kyle R Skaggs

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Hello - I used to live in Cleveland - I was just there last year (Family reunion was in Akron) - and I resided in East Cleveland. Well anyway I left comments on the poems I read and I will return to read more - very beautiful material you have there (smile). I am also seeking the support of my fellow writers in hope they will purchase my book "The Psalters Of The Field" found at just type in the title while doing a book search but I rather people go to my bookstore go to were the book is sold for a lesser price...I would truly appreciate your support thank you... KD

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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Autumn love 0
Music 0
й Вальс
Kingdom of Leaps and Arms 1
Музыка 0
How I stoped hunting 0
Соната 0
Log cabin (russian)-И
Down that Lonesome Road (written by James) 13
Autumn in Taiga 11
Life 17
Siberian Crane 11
History and biography 2
Words 10
Artist 5
Veteran of WWII 3
Mountain and Desert 2
When ? 2
Nastalgia for Taiga (Russian) 1
Siberian Memories (Russian) 1
Road to you 2
Carpenter 2
Nostalgia for Taiga 1
Log Cabin 5
Summit of the summer 3
Siberian Memories 13