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needs to write a paper for class and has no idea where to start

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My name is Kachara Greene, I was born in Loudon Tn. My dad died when i was ten, I dont have problems with not having a dad like most people would think. I'm a HORRIBLE speller. I wouldn't beable to spell to save my life lol. I have a myspace, facebook, and a myyearbook. I will aprove any friend request just send me one ( I've been writing poetry for about a year. It all started when i lost a guy i thought was amazing, but it just turned out that he was just like the rest I had dated before. Most of my poems were dedicated to him. but i have managed to get over him, and now i'm with the most amazing man in the whole world!!!


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Your pictures are pretty! :)

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
completly perfect 0
Save me 3
Splatter 0
I'm Gone 1
Until the End 1
Wait and See 1
Sweetest Sound 1
Ours To Share 1
Andrew 1
Love I Rearrange 2
Hatefull Affection 0
A Gun in the Hand 2
Never Real 0
Stop Waiting 0
*-!~X~* My Valentine*~X~
Twisted Whispers 3
The Only Person 0
dead or alive 2
All You Had 3