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The worst part about being
Lied to, is knowing your not worth the truth
The pain is cumulative, ever present, and without end. It effects your very being, your essence, your soul, and you may embrace death to end that which seems to have no end in life.

*My name is Stacey
*I am 18 years old
*I have chronic depression/social phobia/anxiety
*I take anti depressants, dont like it, dont talk to me *I keep things to myself
*I have been let down many times. *I wear my heart on my sleeve *I fake a smile to make other people happy
*I am suffocating in pain I cannot break free
*I have realized that I am NOTHING
*I have realized that Happiness is just a word
*Same shit different day
*You can say shit behind my back
But click your heels together and say I need a life
*I have very few friends that I can trust
*Im only human, I do make mistakes
*I am nowhere near perfect
*I put my friends before myself
*Im not emo, goth, punk, poser, prep
*I dont judge, so dont jude me
*Id rather be hated for who I am
Then loved for who I am not
*People say forgive and forget
But there are people I cant forgive
and theres things I cant forget
*I start to think that there is really no
cure for depression, that happiness is a
ongoing battle, and I wonder if it is one
Ill have to fight for as long as I live
I wonder if its worth it!!


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Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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