"Baby its all good!"


"Baby its all good!"

Maybe the guys won't think I'm a "CUTIE"
But at least I am filled with a calm inner beauty
You see i have decided not to be a guys "TOY"
And i wont let myself be used by a "BOY"
Real men appreciate me for my mind
And aren't busy looking at my "behind"...
Covered girls are really the ones who are helping the Female cause
The role that we play definitely deserves applause!
I seek to be recognized because I am smart and bright
And I hope that some will be inspired by my sight.
some smart women are attracted by my tranquility...
And in the back of their minds they wish that they're as brave as me.
We believers have the strength to do what is right
Even it means putting a life long fight!!
You see we are not controlled my a mini skirt or tight shirt
We are given respect and never treated like dirt.
SO, you See we are the ones who are free and liberated
we are free of STD's that have no cure.
so when people ask you how you feel about the "hood"
just sum it up and say "Baby it's all good!"

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cmlestrade commented on "Baby its all good!"


Good for you but why do people ask you that in the first place? Obviously you wouldn't wear something you didn't believe in. Someone at my church said to my friend, "Well you wore your costume today" Costume,! I could not believe this woman, as she were referring to Halloween or a masguerade party. My friend was hurt and mad at the same time and now when she comes in the clothing of her country I tease her and say Öh you have your costume on today". She can laugh now but she could not laugh then and I don't blame her. This occured in a place of worship and I wondered how anyone could be so cruel, especially in those surroundings/

fathi1943 commented on "Baby its all good!"


Your poem is a message of decency purity, spiritual beauty and commitment. Only idiots will say you are not cute. For your age, you are an example to this generation of emptiness and identity loss. Always be respectful before being desired.

rossmangeles commented on "Baby its all good!"


But indeed you are a real cutie. I love your conviction and self-respect. Your poem is so nicely written and the message is so meaningful. But don't be offended if some naughty boys admires your nice behind. It takes time to see the inner beauty, but it is not all wrong to be appreciative of what the eyes can see. I am so happy that you are proud of your culture. Let not the hood limits your potential, but make it as a symbol of purity. Stay blessed. Cheers!

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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