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    Life was simple when: Boys had cooties, and girls would run away in terror thinking they would catch the "cootie bug."
    Life was fantastic when: Crayons and coloring books were the best gift to get, and could keep you happy for hours, even on long bumpy rides. Then you would give the gift back colored, wanting praises for how great you colored the dinosaurs and the pretty horses .
    Life was unbreakable when: A kiss from mom made that skinned knee not hurt anymore. even though its still throbbed.
    When Baking meant someone was making cookies, and your tummy started to grumble. Not getting high to be cool.
    When you were sad, happy music would snap you out of a depression, not make you cut your wrist and contemplate suicide.
    Boys were polite and kissed you on the cheek, which made everyone blush. And teasing meant they liked you. No taking advantage of girls and making them do thing unwillingly so the "boy" would feel bigger, and the girl would feel horrible.
    It was the high life, the golden times.
    The best memories of life!
    Its unknown what made it so simple then, it just was.
    That was perfect, giggles and smiles and tickles. Never a frown, or fear in the eyes of us.
    Life was just.. better. Being gullible to the world only aware of the walls childhood enclosed, filled little naive thoughts.
    Coloring book, cookies, and tickles.. were the life of a child,
    That’s how it was...
    plain, pretty and just fucking

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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