Tears To Spare


  • Lost Love

    Tears To Spare

    In the eyes of someone else I look like I've been torn apart,
    I know when I stayed with you it wasn't very smart.
    You broke my heart and tore it in two,
    I knew it was too great just too good to be true.
    I cry so much my eyes sting and are red,
    I cry so much I mostly wish I were just dead.
    These tears that I cry are tears of pain,
    Like my heart has been run over by speeding train.
    You'll one day learn what you've done to me,
    You'll one day learn just you wait and see.
    My tears that I have had to spare for you,
    Will one day haunt and smother you.
    I never did anything to deserve such heartache,
    I never thought my heart could break.
    As much as you tore it into pieces and ripped it apart,
    Because I gave it to you from the start.
    I trusted you and and gave you my all,
    Then like a fool I didn't catch myself fall.
    So deeply in love I was with you,
    What I didn't see was you were never true.
    So here's to you and your true love,
    Where I was never meant and didn't fit like a glove.
    Here's to the tears i had to spare,
    Here's to the places I never thought I could be there.
    That's to the tears I had to shed,
    That's to the times I always wished I were dead.
    My tears that were spared are no longer there,
    I no longer have any tears to spare.

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    stellar commented on Tears To Spare


    Wow...you sealed a very intense emotion into a touching poem relateable to the audience...I love it...^_^ v

    rossmangeles commented on Tears To Spare


    Love spells wonder in many different ways. It may also spell doom in other ways. Great job! Very nicely written. Cheers!

    FLAWLES commented on Tears To Spare


    Hello Cherise. This is a very well written piece. I see why it won. Congratulations. I'm starting to really understand how something that sounds so bad can sounds so good.

    Alone commented on Tears To Spare


    A fine and beautiful piece. It sounds as if it comes strait from the heart. This is the first out of all your poems that I will read.

    lilnasty commented on Tears To Spare


    i liked it and it shows that you have talent.keep up the good work.And don't give up on love, you'll find the right man one day!

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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