The BIGinning


  • Death

    The BIGinning

    Emerald and ruby thoughts and I’m on my feet for diamonds. Whiskery kittens and weeds, so many weeds, paved the way. Smoke like chimney and train, waiting for the rain to clean my lungs for a better day.
    This is where I’m at, this is where I will stay.
    The orient and the other America, I’m weary of no travel or none. I know nothing of the city or sun.
    Sit, wait, worry there will be, and I’m technically no one.
    So just keep spinning on the Bukowski Plath, where I did the math, and nothing ever made sense but the questions.
    I’m round. You’re square. We don’t fit. I don’t care.
    The beginning is coming or it already passed.
    To forest, and for time, I will never know what’s really mine.
    Please bury me with my gold, and the letters that make me feel old. & I’ll try and revolt but I’m too young.

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    nhorlandi commented on The BIGinning


    this is a nice play of words, the flow is smooth and in deep thoughts. Thumbs up!

    CatsMeow commented on The BIGinning


    Your poem tells a story, I can see it between each line and hear the carefully chosen words that rhythm and tell the story well. You have used a variety of smooth and flawless tones has caused a variation between syllables and perfect clichés. But I think that it would help me (the reader), if the poemâs posting would be divided into equal stanza. And by that it would strengthen the read as in narrative view point and thus stimulate six senses even more. Good work.

    Madelynn commented on The BIGinning


    Are you kidding!-This kind of talent hanging out in a 19yr old! You, are incredible!!-ok, slap my hand crazy-hard, for not being all over this before! You are a top writer. This is why Im up at 2;48am-looking for something great to read! This! You are lyrics sweetie!

    SteveCBolton commented on The BIGinning


    This really got me. You are very talented. The metaphors that came to my mind and the honesty is ageless.

    icu2 commented on The BIGinning


    This is definitely new! You are truly gifted. Between the lines I hear the voice of a tender, brilliant young life, sprouting for the sun. Oh, by the way...I love the line that says "I'm round. You're square. We don't fit. I don't care. TEN.......wish it were more!

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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