The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


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    the eye of Jupiter sees the orbit of the moons casting light-show shadows upon the rocks' lagoons, as the electric man watches from his dream---> their orbit brings them close again ... the two lovers to kiss, each a half of the butterfly, as baby-rhyme in the rocks is awed to see them move by

    The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss

    Andalusian  with poet's fire
       touched the streams of 'lectric wire 
        royal sun of lion's sire
        became the moon's full admirer
    consuming, she, with Spain's desire
    waters for lover's to quench their pyre
    stretching taut, her o d' lure
      ever calling... hands demure
    endlessly wantingly, he and her

    time breathes faster
       on a moving clock
    and bodies in orbits
       they ache to lock
    forever to touch
       so joyous, they meet
    longing to stay
       in movements that fleet
    as the kiss of their lips
       is over too quick
    like the last grasping sigh
      of the tail fingertip
    they're opposite angles
       where life is the dark
    and light is the hand
       that paints creative art
    as strokes of agony
       color them apart

    they're the shadows that dance
      in the cosmic street
    kaleidoscope lovers
      romancing with planet feet
    they're atomic hearts... divided by time
    duende, the angel... and their muse, the rhyme

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    poett commented on The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


    Just stopped tonight to remember an old fellow poet friend. Can't help missing you all after going through my old poetry comments. Then go to your sites n read your poems n it doesn't help any more. Hope you come back too... Hugs

    LeslieMay commented on The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


    Wow! I love the style of this poem. It is beautifully written.

    angel33614 commented on The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


    A true cosmic masterpiece of perfection! Such imagery that I can see the stars of heaven as though I was flying in a vessel of time and space. Your poem creates such a vessel in the minds and hearts of your readers, truely inspiring piece! Poetry in the motion of life as you create a place of romantic expression, light within the darknes of the world, purity of two that become one as the drakness and light merge into an eternal bliss. Shadows that dance into the stars of heaven, forver they shall burn in eternity as one. Bodies to meld and hearts to be held, yet joining of the two souls sets a fire to burn long into the eternity of the night, be it so the brightest of stars as the light of purity and the essence of true love is spoken with such ellogance and grace in your beautiful poetic creation. Art noth in vision and in words. Words than transpose the mortal context of thier menaing and treanscend the physical realm by creating something that can only be written in the stars of eternity, true love... Beautiful work, bavo!!! Purity of the soul, jounrey well!!! Angel

    Bettysrainbow48 commented on The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


    I like this poem. Souls mates are very richly rewared just being together. People are very lucky to have this love and relationship.Very good poem

    WordSlinger commented on The Dance of the SoulMate Kiss


    I had to read this again, but I was looking for the Poems from school, you should post them they are fine pieces of Work, ty WS

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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