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Sitting, waiting on the world to turn

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  • Location: Birmingham, AL
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I'm just an red blooded all american carnivore .Can't help it I am a meat cutter by trade. I was raised on Elvis. My parents loved Elvis. My mom even cried when he died. It did not have that effect on me. Every time a new Elvis movie was released we all were crammed into the 57 chevy and off to the drive in we went. With two large parents in the front and four kids in the back, I did not see much more than the back of dads head, but I heard a lot of Elvis. My dad would always threaten not to take us back to the movies, if we could not behave , but no matter how much noise we made, next Saturday night we were right back at the drive in. There were a lot of Elvis movies in the 60s. No wonder I'm all shook up. By the way, my name is Bobby.
and I love this place.


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Mandi profile comment


As I always believed, you are the gander to my goose;the Pa Kett;e to my Ma Kettle, the Elvis to my Beatles.... We find beauty in the same flowers... Remember GG? I visit with him on facebook.

cheronld profile comment


I'm in need of your written words and your envious tales my friend....don't keep a girl waiting to long....Lol...Cher

jeanpnkldyg profile comment


Glad to have you as a friend. I look forward to reading your work. Many Returns,

Tempy profile comment


I'm writing this from my mobile. sorry computer is broken but I'm still reading take care

Crush profile comment


my mom is from tuscaloosa....she is not much of an elvis fan but my god, i am.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

Papa’s Poems (64)

Title Comments
Title Comments
White Noise 2
East Brainerd Road 5
Franks In Stein 7
The Love Not Taken 7
? 12
Thinking of You Only 11
Walking Home Alone 8
Passion, Love , Romance 6
Out of touch 7
Dead Man Inside 14
bird song 11
O P 11
Fallen Star 17
Grace 6
Contemplating Winter 5
It Just Takes Time 4
Midnight Rider 7
Rockabye.Baby 7
Bully for You 8
Picture Me 7
Should I Just Kiss You 12
Tear Drop 9
It Should Be So Easy 7
Hair 18
I've been hurt 7
what 4
Insanity 3
wake me please 1
Sorry. 13
What Gives 6
Fall of Eden 11
Touch 10
Rhyme 3
Up in Smoke 1
Can Anyone Hear Me 5
I'm Lost 4
Why Do You Pet The Kitty? 6
Leave Me Alone 4
Left Field Fly 1
A Match Gone Wild 2
Pay Back 2
Imagine if You Will. 3
Balloon Envy 6
Watching Mama Get A Tan 7
I Miss This 2
Satans Forest 3
Marble Stone 10
I'll Have to Learn To Read Chinese, Just to Program My T.V. 6
My Damn Butterfly 12
If I Cry Now 5
Anniversary Day 2
You Should Of 3
Afraid of the Dark? Naaaaaaaaaah. 4
Journey 3
No Windows 3
Hell 3
Dreaming Again 2
Your Eyes 3
When You Paint The Town 3
My Promise 3
Goodbye 9