The Devil


The Devil

I was once lost in a forest with foliage covering the trail from which I came

The thick trees cover just about every bit of light the sun rains 

Knowing I am lost I hang my head in shame. 

The darkness swallows what little light that remains  

Then there’s strikes of lightning which quickly illuminates the trees  

As the cold wind whistles through the trees they sing  

There are dark apparitions from a distance staring at me  

The shadows taunt me with the whispering of demons  

I see my breath slice through the cold air  

An entity appears and claims to be an angel and silences the heathens

I confide unto her I am lost and my dark secrets I share  

On my knees and at my weakest point I look up to the angel only to find  

Her face is pale with eyes as red as rubies and a grin on her face ever so fierce  

I try to arise yet she holds me down with her words and plays with my mind  

She reaches to me and with her right hand my chest she pierced  

She has my heart in her hand and begins to squeeze  

Filling my head with lies then she tells me I am not loved  

The words from her mouth start to control me with ease

 I cried out to her that she claimed to be an angel  

I fear there is no hope and I look to the dark sky above  

With an evil chuckle and dark voice she says “no, I am the devil”  

As a desperate attempt I reach to the sky for the hand of my God  

Yet she smacks it down and says to me in a demanding voice  

“No one is here to save you from me  

Do as I say for I am the only one that will make you feel loved  

If you refuse I will make sure your life will be in misery”  

 In the darkness of the years I see what looks like a dove 

Torn and abused I gain the strength to crawl to the white soft bird  

Yet it flies away and the devil returns with the demons laughing  

Through the darkness and laughter I hear some faint words  

The soft sweet voice sounds familiar and comforting  

Then in the dark in a distance I see a small light  

A whisper brushes my ear “I love you dear please come back”  

It gives me hope and strength and the will to fight  

I stand up from my knees ready to attack  

Then the demons mutter and devil appears with my heart in her hand  

She says “get back in your place for there is no where to go”  

I take back my heart and to her I take a stand  

Everything silences and the devils anger grows  

The winds howl, the lightning strikes, and the thunder crashes  

The demons are scared and run like cowards  

With her iron fist the devil strikes and with her forked tongue her words start to lash  

With every word and every strike that small light grows with power  

I look at the devil and with my left hand I reach out and say  

“I am loved and you have no power over me”  

I feel energy like never before building within  

Deriving from my hand and blasting the devil she falls to her knees  

For the first time I see the devil cry and I start to grin  

I walk towards the light ignoring the devil’s words of hate  

For the first time in years the darkness burns away the sun starts to shine  

The warm light guides me on a path that leads me to my fate  

I reach the end of my path hearing the screams of the devil behind  

I am greeted by a lady holding her hands out and glowing with love  

Her face is soft and her voice is ever so gentle 

Is this really an angel sent from above?  

With caution I take due to the abuse both physical and mental  

Then I hear her words that are the same as I heard before  

“I love you my dear and I am happy your home”  

With a deep breath of a sigh I fall to the floor She is my angel of love and in true form  

I start remembering the moments of love we shared  

I held her close to me, our hearts beating together as one  

I kissed her on the lips breathing in every inch of love and care  

Time halts for us until we are done  

Then from the cold wind to my back I look to the path from which I came  

The devil is approaching with her demons to seize me  

I reach out my hand and in a stern voice I claim  

Be gone with you devil yet only the demons flee  

She screams at me to leave this false angel of mine  

I walk to the devil and lean into her ear  

I could feel her trembling and I see the shiver being sent to her spine  

“Get lost devil for I am the one to fear”  

She looks at me with shock and holds her chest with pain  

As a force grabs her away and takes her into the dark  

I tell her, “here only my love will reign”  

She screams in terror then silence makes its mark  

I walk back to the angel with a sense of pride  

For my angel is beautiful with more love than I have ever seen  

During my darkest times she stood by my side  

I take her soft hand and on a bended knee  

And with love from my heart these words I speak  

“Thank you my angel for not giving up on me  

You gave me love and hope when I was weak  

I love you my angel for eternity  

As I gaze upon your eyes I see the shimmer from your love and the warmth from your heart.  

This capture that occurs is a glamour that is bound by our souls  

The slightest touch of your hand mesmerizes my mind with the love that will never part  

Your sweet voice illuminates my path to find my goal  

Forever more I will love you with all of my life  

You are an angel from god and you picked me up when I fell  

I thank you my angel and cherish you for you are my wife  

Forever and ever I will always love you Belle.”  




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Bettysrainbow48 commented on The Devil


This poem is really well done. You show a lot of feeling in it.You are a true poet.

SavVySam commented on The Devil


A beautiful poetic dedication and tribute to your loving wife! You are a great story teller!

blindmaster commented on The Devil


I know how you feel but I don't have the wife and I am a little guy.

786mona commented on The Devil


great writing my friend:) love it! 10 for u ! :)

bitchywitch commented on The Devil


This brings to mind two words: cathartic fairytale. I'm glad the story ended well...I was biting my nails! (Not too many people know that the devil is actually a woman.) Good piece.and Congratulations.

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