The Presence of a Third Kind


  • Jealousy

    The Presence of a Third Kind

    Pure ignorance of my part
    to have seen your face
    and not wondered
    what other lips have kissed it
    when I was gone.
    Six months, and I still believe
    you love me like
    you once swore you did.
    But your presence says otherwise,
    and im not too sure
    what to think.

    Others tell me that
    you have found another soul,
    and left mine shattered on your
    bedroom carpet;
    stepping on my innocence
    any chance you get
    because I am still here,
    and you wish me to see you
    make me a fool.

    I once said "I Love You"
    and yet I think I am stuck in that moment
    because anything beyond that point
    I know not of.

    You simply laugh in my face
    telling others
    you have not seen
    me cry for you.
    And that is true.
    You have changed me in
    so many ways
    that I no longer recognize
    that person that mocks me
    in my mirror,
    angry at me for losing you;
    telling me,
    I hate who I am without you.
    And THAT is true.

    I have seen your eyes
    wander off in directions
    unseen by my vision.
    You are hypnotized
    by the presence
    of a third kind...

    And who is she?
    In what moment did she
    capture your heart?
    How did she find you and
    pull you away from my home?
    Does she share the same
    feelings as me?

    And how do u feel about her?

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    Serrato commented on The Presence of a Third Kind


    "stepping on my innocence any chance you get because I am still here" I love this....and the best part is that it's necessary! Baptism through fire and all the'll be thankful this happened later.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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