Their already here


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    Their already here

    Homeland security what a joke let me make this perfectly clear.
    The terrorist their trying so hard to keep out believe me their already here.
    We hear about the terrorist cells in country just waiting to react.
    I’m sure their in our communities preparing for another attack.

    They have billions of dollars at their disposal and access to our basic needs.
    They have properties all around the world and to them they hold the deeds
    We know how they use the cell phones as they say when it rain it pours.
    Who’s to say their not rigging the cell phones we are buying from their stores.

    Understand that we buy our meat from theses people they have access to the foods we eat.
    I’m not trying to bring chaos to the problem at hand but some could be dying as we speak.
    My thoughts and opinions are mine alone and for my country I do fear.
    I’m clearly stating these cells are waiting I’m afraid their already here.

    Were over there fighting for as Bush says to preserve there way of life.
    That pain you feel in your back is the war and George Bush is welding the knife.
    So clear your thoughts of nine eleven and be aware of what to fear.
    Let the government worry about those trying to get in and watch those that are already here.

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    tsgirl commented on Their already here


    Ok get on tv if this is what you feel, it sounds to me that it is all so real, drop that dime while you got time black brother, seems to me like you're thinking like no other.I'm serious you probally got an insight that really do needs to be bugged in some ones ear. who's to say you're not right. I like it Iike it, I love it .STAY WRITING. 100%

    EWR commented on Their already here


    People have forgotten all that is controlled. This is a long video clip, but perhaps worthwhile. There is a consistent flow to this poem and is probably read nicely out loud. (***Sorry- grammatical side note***(Please no offense) I am sorry to say I would maybe add a bit more punctuation to help guide others (just a few commas for the distinct inter-sentence). Also many of the theirs are they're (I would want to know, so sorry to go grammatical- Sorry, it's hard for me to say nothing as I teach English).



    Oh- nice end line, by the way.



    thanks ewr its your comments that makes me write. keep on reading ill keep writting thanks for the corrective notes

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    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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