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  • Location: Arlington, TN
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I am a southern born and raised man. Taught to be real, honest, and respectful. No matter what, Life Is Good...I needed an outlet so I poured my soul onto paper and hopefully there will be refuge in my words for some as it was for me. I give my love, my pain, my joy and more to you as a gift as it was given to me. Enjoy there is much more to come. Please leave a comment if you rate my poems thanks....


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frankson03 profile comment


aye man,, thanks for the kind words, and imma def be patient, thats all i can do, im glad i gotta a place to come cuz u cant live wit em and u cant live wit out em..lifes crazzy...

MizBlaze profile comment


Your interest in my violence is perfectly understandeable, Aries.... Thanks for commenting on my work.... Check out some of my other, less violent poems if you get a chance :)

TheAngelOfDeath profile comment


Hey i though i would leave you a link to my page as a comment lol :) its been alot of fun wiriting with you.

JadedJezzabel profile comment


I tried to send you a friend request but I got an error. will you send me one. I really appriciate you sharing your passion and inner thoughts.

NayInLove profile comment


Hey there, just wanted to see how you were doing. Hope all is well. Janay

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

FiloRozzell’s Poems (28)

Title Comments
Title Comments
A mind storm pt 1 1
Miss Thang 1
Breathe 3
Farewell My Friend 3
Lord however you give it, I’ll take it 3
“Lord if I’m still alive?” Then why do I feel so dead inside? 7
"What Now?" 6
Misunderstood 6
The Earth's Rebirth Pt.2 ( Death Becomes You) 1
No One Heard A Thing 7
She Can't See ME 4
The Demon in Me.(a Duet) 4
Why I do Write Pt.1 3
Could it be 8
I've Falllen Short 1
All for a high 5
You're not the Pill 4
Her 6
When our world was one 13
I Played The Game 5
My mind is saying no but yes is the answer 5
Ain't Nobody Straight 8
Pop Corn Love 6
My Enemy 4
It's not just the Sex 11
Me,Myself & I 3
Who am I? 6