Altar Case Shun


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    Altar Case Shun

    Do the devout become blessed by default
    Through practice, believing and trust
    Could ever I aspire to unlock this rustic vault
    By my soul's divine purpose
    Is all that has come to pass for naught

    Am I a cog forged of heavenly fire
    Designed for a device so pristine
    Built to metamorphose forgiveness from ire
    Or could I be destined for the glean

    Should I be asking these questions
    Is my mind so capable
    I believe there are just some lessons
    That are best left kept off the table

    When these thoughts rush
    Synapse to synapse
    I becomes ensnared in soul traps
    Then escaping becomes a must

    So I think to my self out loud
    I contemplate so no one hears
    While I consecrate my ignorance
    I embrace speech for deaf ears

    I embrace for tears
    For scores of wasted years
    For pain that sears

    I doubt my own purpose
    And so I shun the altar.

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    sk commented on Altar Case Shun


    Wasn't sure about the intent of this poem until I enlarged the picture of the bible...found the picture to be offensive and soooo incorrect! The poetry however, is well written, even if I don't agree with the message...agreeing is not necessary to judge quality of writing.

    AIXA commented on Altar Case Shun


    Fantastic and spiritual poem!

    joker88 commented on Altar Case Shun


    This is just simply marvelous. Well done"10."

    Kalonji commented on Altar Case Shun


    Pretty Good

    Bwyn commented on Altar Case Shun


    This is a downward spiral if I evah seen one. Seen one and yes you are not alone.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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