Echo's of Revolution


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    Echo's of Revolution

    This is a song - A#

    Children hungry, parents screaming
    Pressures of a country bleeding
    From the white house lies, deceptions
    Enraged from political infections
    Dream of life warm and free
    To live in cold insanity
    Wants and needs end up frustration
    Do to corrupt manipulations
    Our silence, killing mother nature
    Dragging us back into the future
    Corporations wash their hands
    Of their filth that rots our land
    They keep us blind so we don’t see
    The bullshit that were suppose to eat
    Stink from lies, they call the truth
    What do we the people plan to do

    Take our guns so we cant fight
    Singing to hell with the bill of rights
    The power of the people gone
    In the hands of government it don’t belong
    What happened to “in god we trust”
    Morals gone and values rust
    When well the people realize
    Its time to open blinded eyes
    Echo’s of revolution
    The sounds of yesterday
    Words filled with emotion
    Justice gone astray

    People wanting freedom
    Sick of vain solutions
    Can you hear it screaming
    The echo’s of revolution

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    NevillePark commented on Echo's of Revolution


    Sounds like I'm hearin the strains of the Age of Aquarius in this one my friend. I guess the sad thing is that the Government - 'bottom line of the thing, is only made up of individuals who invest their own fears and escape plans into the will of the country. Does anyone really know what RIGHT looks like today. I hardly think so. That ever-so-thin layer we call - the earth's crust supports an amazing contradiction of rights and wrongs. The ground we walk on holds the tears of lost hopes, signs of yesterdays aspirations where the heels have dug in, Buried fears from lost societies where tenets such as"Get the other guy, before he gets you" had their genesis. God has order and peace but the earth still won't listen. Write we must. Sing it out brother!

    laydbak1 commented on Echo's of Revolution


    Some of the great 60's moralities here... I can almost hear PPM doing this one to chanting crowds with bic's ablaze....

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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