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I'm a musician... A long time songwriter, guitarist, and singer... I've been a word tinker ever since I can remember; always striving for a better way to say it... I've written both poems and songs and will be the first to admit I don't fit any kind of formal style or design, nor content for that matter.. Most of what I post here are SONGS, with a couple of pure poems and a prose or two... I hope you enjoy the reads... Peace, Doug


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thecross profile comment


Doug the songs on your site came out great man I remember when you posted "I'm about to love you" in Tender poisons thread in the forums it put my "May I have this dance?" to shame lol awesome job



Well thank you ever so kindly cross... Wow, hard to believe you remembered that... Dunno if you or anyone is interested, but I have a dozen songs, "I'm About To Love You" included, in my little stand alone player from here's the link.. ... I've been told it doesn't always work from a few European countries, but everyone else says it does... Works great for me... Let me know if you getta chance to listen to any and your take on em'... Doug

jademelissa74 profile comment


DOUG!!!!!!! I miss you! How are you??? I haven't seen you around in a while and I when I did this morning I got excited :)) Love ya bud! I hope everything is well!



hey jadey... yes, i haven't been around much these past couple of months and i really wish i could devote more time to OP as i always enjoyed the time here reading you and so many other great up and coming poetry artists... my music takes precedence over most everything else in my life, so i'll drop by here occasionally to still do a little tuning on my brain matter reading all the wonderful things that people write about here... you can always find me on my reverbnation page with all my songs if you like... http://www.reverbnation/dougjackson ... hope you can drop by there and listen to a few of my tunes when and if you get a chance... big hug to you and everyone here... doug

SavVySam profile comment


Hello laydback1 (DJ) -Having seen your comments on many poems, I got curious and stopped by have a read...I got as far as your bio. Ok, now really intrigued I had to have a listen! Wow...You've written some really great songs! Best of luck to you on your latest venture! I am so amazed by the caliber of artists on this site! How fortunate we are! Thanks for the treat!



Thank you Sam... I appreciate the reads, and the listens... I've changed my status thingy, but I used to have a lot of my song lyrics/poems on here, but was advised I should take them down now that I'm more public with my song material... I may put some of the copyrighted pieces back up, people seemed to like them... Thanks again

dahlusion profile comment


Your talent for moving the reader through mountains of colorful imagery is only exceeded by your peacefulness and generosity on this site. Peace and Light, Dah



Thank you Dah... It is I who enjoys the pleasure of reading so many wonderfully creative minds here; yourself at the top of the list of quilled visionaries...

KtIrish profile comment


Your comment on my poem 'A Nightmare' had me laughing for 10 minutes straight. Thank you for the best laugh I've had in weeks. You are very clever, my friend.



lol... u'r welcome... grinz

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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The Chiseled Etching 10
The Black Screen 25
Queen of Denial 17
What Is A Poet 20
DJ 575 Haiku - The Knife 13
The Gift Of You 15
The Web Dream 15
Heart Coming Back 17