It was all a dream


  • Lost Love

    It was all a dream

    When I wake up in the morning
    And i don't know what to do
    I start to realize that the day is still brand new
    The sun is out and about for another day
    Until the night hits and it slowly goes away

    Until then I am going to enjoy my day
    I go get ready to leave
    Then something happens that I don't believe
    I see you smiling at me
    I thought to myself "could this really be?"

    You then snapped me out of thought
    When you said "I missed you a lot"
    You took me by surprise
    But I can't help but ask "Why?"
    The man who seems to sweep me off my feet

    Makes my stomach drop to my feet
    Tells me that he misses me!
    He then tells me:
    I can't believe I let you go
    I had my chance and let it blow

    You mean more to me then you know
    Let me ask you this
    Can I have this one kiss
    To show you how I feel
    Let me show you that this is real

    I look deeply into his eyes
    As he does the same to mine
    We both lean in for a kiss
    I couldn't believe this
    He then asked me:

    "Could I be your man?
    I promise to love you the best that I can"
    At that moment I knew.....
    It was too good to be true
    It was ALL a DREAM

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    muttman1 commented on It was all a dream


    What a wonderful poem this is!

    keithrberryjr commented on It was all a dream


    great poem.couldnt have wrote something better myself

    Kyranna commented on It was all a dream


    aww so sweet

    Benjamin commented on It was all a dream


    Yeah, but if you look hard enough and just stick things out, you'll be able to realize this dream eventually. Nice poem.

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