I guess


I guess

I sit here thinking bout what we had
 And you know it makes me really sad
I gave you everything I was
 I guess that's the price I pay for handing YOU my life
I really thought you had made me your wife
 I guess I thought wrong
You were just playing me the whole time
 It's hard to explain what I'm feeling
The whole time you were just playing
I honestly don't know what to think anymore
 So I guess this is just another closed door
Although we both have different people
 Yo prefiero estar contigo
Extrano cuando tu fiestes mio
 But I guess that never really happened
Because you were never completely mine
 I was sharing you with HER the whole time
It sickens me that I knew
 But I didn't care, You know why?
 I guess they say you can't miss what you never had
But those people are wrong
 Because I miss you and that's really sad
I fall over myself trying to find a way
 To forget about you and let you go
My head tells me yes, but my heart says no way, NO
 It's killing me inside
To see you happy with your new wife
 I guess it wasn't meant to be
But that just doesn't make sense to me
 Because at one point we were happy
"You said you loved me, that there was nobody else above me"
 I guess that was just another lie too... :(
Just know that a part of my heart still belongs to YOU!

Barbara :)

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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