My hero, my idol, my Mother


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    My hero, my idol, my Mother

    My mother is a fighter
    all through wind ice and fire
    the most beautiful being
    i admire
    she helps reach higher
    than ever though possible
    something remarkable
    like making it to
    the honor roll

    now turn the page
    A father is a liar
    B even before been a dad
    already retired
    C what is told with no wire
    and D am still so much higher
    because i have the struggle in me
    and even with the same last name
    my aim is reverse of his
    to diverse and appreciate what
    i bring to this world
    my one my mate
    my wife my friend my girl
    but yet more my son
    my love my one and all equal
    therefore my sequel
    my dance the one chance
    to see myself in a different body
    nobody like anybody like a been
    a daddy
    a father a learner a preacher
    my goal my soul my reach
    to preach and be better
    than what i came from
    but my true love
    my mother my fight the light
    through these lonely nights
    my star in my sky
    yes she kept me right
    because she kept me alive
    never told me a lie
    or left me stranded
    and now that we've bonded
    the bond is unbreakable
    just like my pain is

    Mi corazon for been broken
    and left alone at such an
    early age causes this rage
    which forces mi corazon
    who skips a beat so I skip
    to my only beat
    my realization
    of what is to become of me
    it's been brought upon me
    this chip on my shoulder
    makes me wiser and older
    surprising faces like winning aces
    because i just don't understand
    how a man can leave his son
    to be a man on his own
    so grandma was my tough hand
    taught me the value of a dollar
    and now as i pop my collar
    i can proudly stand on my own two feet
    making taking my own to my own beat
    so father don't even bother to make grace
    because in my eyes your a disgrace
    and to my mother
    wow what a beautiful lover
    so forever in my heart i hold her

    so check forget a father
    you never showed any respect
    so what you expect
    i was a lonely child
    all i wanted was to see
    your smile
    see me cry, no you never did
    so its not about what you did
    its more about what you didn't do
    so i asked God for a girl
    and there she came
    and there she left
    like a theft she stole my heart
    but worse like a bitch you
    broke my heart
    but look mom
    you've raised a great son
    and in process of raising
    two beautiful daughters
    my beautiful sisters
    the three woman in my life
    that i would give my life for
    that's right lord
    so if you have to take one
    be ready for me
    your son that's me
    at least i have one father
    looking above me
    so am give you all my energy
    and promise you to never ever
    deceive on my family
    so Mr. Perez leave I and mom dukes
    go fix your home
    go take care of your
    other kids
    or support your wife
    at least
    and pull up them pants
    tighten up that belt
    and be a man for once
    because that's not even
    what you once was
    but it's truly what I' am
    thanks to you
    my man

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    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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