What am I


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    What am I

    life is the simplest things of all
    that is real
    in life you lose you gain
    you strive for independence
    through many hardships
    struggles and lost battles
    thus loved ones
    you begin to find yourself
    and as the days vanish
    the nights replenish
    so you look back at the moments
    that took your breath away
    but also at the ones
    that made you cry
    smile and those
    that will haunt you forever
    so you have to wonder
    and decide what is
    truly important
    money power or the girls
    or maybe just that one girl
    that took and broke your heart
    but because of her
    you were able to mature, grow, and heal
    thus learning the true meaning
    of life and once you can begin
    to comprehend
    the mysteries of love
    and what it has to offer
    than slowly but surely
    we can begin to capture
    what life is all about

    but what is love
    i say love
    is been able to
    forgive forget without any regrets
    grets at hearts rest
    until my heart rest
    with you i feel blessed
    there is no contest
    that's love
    but now what am I
    what must I be
    in order to see..........

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    Benjamin4927 commented on What am I


    I like this, it has some interesting thoughts. I particulary like the lines: "and as the days vanish the nights replenish"

    dahlusion commented on What am I


    Though this is written well, it's packed with cliches and over used imagery. Go deeper into your subconscious and pull creation up by the ears. I know you have it in you to speak in your own voice.

    camille19 commented on What am I


    I love your poem, its pretty much interesting.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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