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Hi, Everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted anything new but I'll be back soon. I finally did it and wanted to share it with you..... "I TELL A STORY TOO..." written by ME has finally been released. Please GO TO WEBSITE: I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT

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I was born in Lubbock, TX in 1981. I've lived in Chicago, IL for over 20 years. I am Native American and Spaniard. I've been amazed and interested in poetry since I was 8. I've been writing since I was 14. As you all know, Poetry is a way of expressing yourself. I feel fortunate to be able to have such a talent and join eveyone here. I'm happily divorced and have 3 children...2 beautiful girls and an amazing son. Maya is 10, Alana 5 and Ziel 4. I would also like to announce that I will be publishing a book of poems....called "I Tell A Story Too" Hope you all enjoy!!


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My Choice of Words The right words used the right way Could possibly save a life today. By the same token words can leave a life broken In the way that they're written or spoken. Handle all powerful words with great care. The very same words bring happiness or despair. These are just a few words I use everyday. I use these words to give meaning to what I say. Love, compassion, understanding and care. Peace, motivation, comfort, joy and prayer. Smile, laughter, happiness and serenity. I try my very best not to use profanity. I use words that are simple and easy to say. I try to make each word an impression in some way. Sometimes without thinking I say the wrong thing. My heart knows right away the hurt it will bring. On this keyboard I type words for everyone to read. I hope to give them meaning and some pleasure indeed. I try to be careful in all that I say in my rhymes. I want to touch your heart, activate and motivate your minds. Songs, short stories, and poetry are my hobby you see. They're not the best but they come from the heart of me If I can paint a picture that you can plainly see. Then I've made all my words go to work for me If the words that I use are truly what you'd like to hear. And if they bring you comfort make you laugh and give cheer. Then behind my keyboard you'll find a man who is really content. And I'll know that my careful choice of words was well spent. **** Poetry is a form of art, therefore it must do what all art does. Represent something of the world, express emotion, please us by its form, and stand on its own. ***

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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